feeling guilty to my readers because i have not been updating my blog for almost a week=(( not much things to share and my instagram followers surely found that i posted my puppy's pictures more than mine lol@@

but i must share this with you guys.

the story began, i was invited to an event which held in Bedroom, Pavilion. i jio(invited) my friends there too.

the event started at 9.30pm but we reached at 11pm~ when we were stepping into it, a girl asked me: do you have guest list? i just answered : i'm under media.

she said ok and let me go in. 

ops, there was little amount of people there and we just picked a seat. 

the waiter presented us the menu, i was like: wtf why we still need to pay for drink???? normally for event, organiser will sponsor for F&B~

no doubt, we still ordered our drink. 

desmond, 11 years buddy love~~ you look so vampire here haha

hippo<3 he is ugly and fat 

seated for half hour and we felt so bored >< hippo asked: eh you sure there is an event or not? or you confuse the date?

oh ya, shit! the date macam is 13th of July la(today but im not going)~~ let me check my mail again!!!

oh GOSH! seriously i LOL that time and they were speechless== hahahahha

so sorry man! we wasted parking fee and time~

well, then we decided to change to Neverland.  paid parking fee first before entered and parked our car. 

everything asked and confirm to go in, the IC checking time!

wtf we forgotten that we are still under age(just one of my friends who is over 21) , below 21 is not allowed to go in !! 

oh my mother GOD@@ again , speechless!!!!

what to do in the next?? dolled up so nice and end up we went for lok lok==!!!
shit! very bad experience !

the only picture of all of us, blur somemore=(((

and my picture of the day.