simple hair style~

seriously im super addicted to FASHION especially clothes but not accessories. i tell Hippo that if i addicted to it too perhaps i can apply for bankrupt lol==

no choice, as a fashion blogger this is my job to bring my readers more tips on fashion so myself need to discover it =)

well, today gonna introduce you a new retail store named- Like Concept, you can find it at 

Parkson, Pavilion KL
Parkson, Sungei Wang
Parkson, Sunway Pyramid
Parkson, Setia City Mall
Parkson, Gurney Plaza
Parkson, 1st Avenue
Parkson, Riverside Kuching

most of their clothes are designed in Korea, secretly saying that i love korean style even im not kpop fans@@ you will get to know that if you notice my update in instagram =)))))

i have only few trusted online blogshop(not more than five fingers) due to many of their real stock and quality are different from picture captured=(((( disappointed

Like concept has their own store and also online blogshop! this really convenience those who are lazy to step out ~~~ 
if you are not confident with their quality, you may go to their store to have a look first, then purchase online~

WHY purchase online??

because you could save MORE!!!!!

 who doesnt like discount and offer??????? NO ONE~~

for this flora dress im wearing here, you just have to pay Rm99 rather than retail price which is RM109~~

 you can still get 20% discount !!!!!!!! but something more CHIO!!!

if you are my readers, you just have post this to their wall or send it along with your order then you will get 30% in total payment hulalalalla~~ so GOOD neh!!

matching with demin jacket is also love=)

if you choose to visit their department stores, they are now having mega sales too ! you can get discount of up to 50%  ~~ buy buy buy~~  

face look so sharp here, just angle problem nahXD

so you! faster check out their FB to grab your favor =)

and wait for my next post which will be soon, it will be sharing how to match clothes for 7 days, means one week!! it will be based on melissa's style~~ 

favor picture of the day(because showing long legs), the orange shade is actually my hp's cover effect><

ok good night readers=)))