well, i know it has been a week i did not update any interesting post in my blog, just feel guilty of it><

this week is my final exam week and i awfully working hard for it ,but im not sitting for any paper tmr so i manage to blog for my recent life =))))

last last Sunday was the very first outing of me and babe xin wei, never know that we can be so close as now. no idea where to go, so i suggested Sg Wang, just because both of us did not went there to shop for century>< hahahaha overstate lar~~~

btw, i love 6th floor of sg wang , few of shops there selling nice quality of fashion stuff~

i think she looks cute here but she says is ugly=(

we went for photostickers too>< this was my childhood favor, but now still love =) 

see our huge eyes >< the machine just automatically helped us enlarged our eyes, too big wtf@@

and thank you for babe Mango for accompanying me during my revision time
very cute fella

then, something crazy going to be shared here, which is my childhood photos>< 

hesitate for so long share or not share in my blog, no confident at all =(

scroll down

scroll down

scroll down

is original size, so you could see clearly don worry , shit==  seriously look so Ah lian (except the flora dress's haha) i think that picture is nice 

and you know , last time i was so jealous of friends who wearing spec, so i was thinking how if i wore spec too, very yeng neh!! but now FULLY REGRET!!!!! T.T

okay, i know after this some close friend especially Desmond will try to spam my photo or wall>< he is such a bad guy !

enough of sacrificing myself , very ugly super duper ugly ><

one recent photo