this post is just all related to my new toy- Mango!!

i have no idea why we choose her this name~~but it sounds different from other puppies' names, so i like this differentiation =))))))

she is a tea cup poodle and has innocent cute looking ! she always shows her pitiful face so we dont even leave her alone heartlessly =( how can we???

yes mummy???

i just wanna take a nap~~

despite showing her innocent face, she likes to sleep around us, especially on our hands and legs=)))))

once she cant smell you, she will wake up and looks at you: mummy daddy where you going??


and now, she sleeps btw my legs while im blogging ~~ how sweet><

she is totally diff size frm my coffee as coffee is 3or4 times bigger than her ahahaha~ giant puppy

last picture, taken when i was shooting for my pre loved clothes~

how i gonna move??

last thing, have a look on my pre loved business>>>>here

and thanks for all your support !