So, i made appointment with Yoshi @number76, Mid Valley for hair do. babe Xin Wei   msg me asking whether can we go there tgt as she also wanted to go there for treatment~

fortunately time allows us to meet and had our hair done there just now~ yea, just now!

i need to blog it as quick as i could b4 babe does it bcaz if she has blogged bout her hair thn no one wants to read my post t.t you know why?? bcaz her hair is too amazing! so im jealous ~ but i still love her much haha

i guess this is the first time Yoshi catchs sight of how talkative am I lol!!!!

lets picture do the talk as i dont have much ideas to think bout the story line ><

btw, i just touched up my hair color and trim it to be all same length~

playing stalk???????seriously i wanna say again, i love her hair!

chu chu <3 

he is trimming my fringe ~

what expression? Yoshi pls hide my big face .....

but my big face still conspicuous beside her wtf !

see how slim is she!!!! how can i not jealous of her? right??


i am ......

gosh! giant size!

so how is this hair style?? i gonna perm it soon~

if you want to ask bout my eyes make up, eye shadow eye gel liner will do~(lazy way==)

good night readers!