this is actually my napping time but i decided to blog first or else i will be busying with my assignment later night =((((((

if you are really my follower i doubt you know my long hair is actually hair extension =))))))))))

i had changed the stickers for twice so no third time for me t.t

Yoshi suggests me to take off them, and i was hesitating for so long because i hate my hair length now

shoulder below and it is hard to style right? 

the only whole body portrait of ytd but i actually had not post well and chik chak! @@ the skirt(frm bkk) just too lose until you can see space there lol 

end up, i still choose to take them off as my hair roots just too messy and knots here and there shit!

 ok so last picture before taking off my babe hair T.T cry******

one more thing, my parents have been complaining my hair colour for so long, they want me to change it darker. well, ash do so~ 
Yoshi says it will fade by not looking so green ( if you see me now , my hair colour is green )  green==! didnt think of i would try on this kind of colour><

the first thing i thought was big bang~ what i know about korean are just big bang, wonder girl, snsd, yuna.... yes that's all ! indeed im not K-pop follower at all~~ so dont ask me to try K-pop singers' style ><

the only picture (again) for my ash colour hair~ it looks more greenish in real life 
will snap more hahahah waiting it to be faded 

at last, something cute and sweet to share. surprise parcel from my babe xin wei 
i love that lace stocks which she purchased frm jp but she didnt wear on it (mayb she dosent have giant legs like mine hohoh) just cant wait to try on it and snap photos =))

the cute rabbit , 100% handmade by her (wondering how much time she spent to sew this? and she sewed even more than one)
there is actually a love letter by her lol

ok ok i love you very much babe xin wei , we must pick a dating day !!!!!!!!!!!!! 

well, is time to take nap zzzZZZZZZZZZ

still, love my long hair t.t