mother's day was just blink of an eye, and it's time to get ready for fathers' day><

my budget was so little , so little, what i bought was new launch essence from La belle for mummy=)

i hope she likes it! 

we had a simple celebration in a restaurant at IOI mall which nearby my house. 

actually i wore a gorgeous fish tail skirt but no one wished to help me take a single portrait wtf how bad!!

nvm , i will find a better photographer for myself hahaha no payment for that sorry=((((

my bro showing the balloon girl

bro again , he was like proposing to someone ><

my youngest sis, she was like: ah.... this photo not nice, delete!

popo at the back , looked so sad =(

popo hungered for food? lol

popo so cute, she kept asking me to delete these two photos, she said: not nice , i look ugly

popo, i love you, the memories with you will not forgotten by me(but i dont dare to tell her face to face and surely she wont read my blog wtf)

the woman who brings me to this wonderful world=)

yes mummy you know i really love you=))))  ops sorry dad for showing your tummy><

photos below are grabbed from my sister's nex3

dont you think i look cute here? hhhaha ok you may dislike me (but pls dont do that)

his bro and him look like mix, jealousssSS****

why i dont look like mix? mummy why???

well, dont look at my 3GS(i hate it very much now), i gonna change it very soon 

well, just simple updated and pls dont hate me of this =)) indeed you know i always love my readers !

have a nice day !

again, anyone looking for job? part time or full time beautician is needed! working place is in Puchong. 

Do contact me ! urgent and serious !