the title is attractive but it exactly was just a normal show for distributors to take orders. WAIT, dont cross my page before reading it la~~~~

i dont know where to start off, erm...........ehem let it be my own outfit first ~~

first day outfit 

love the short which is frm MNG, top frm BKK super cheap like Rm15 hoho , heels frm MNG too~ i bought this heels becaz of the show OMG @@

you can actually see a bruise on my leg shit! so ugly !! and i need thinner legs pls

 every model one rack , walked for 3hours, tired but enjoy and learned!  i gonna shout out that money is hard to be earned ! work hard work hard~~

was having 10 mins break time, so self snapping time=))))))

no idea why my face so huge =(((((

very first day of working and last photo of the day~

yes can you see three pretty girls?? 

 first day was a little bit mess of the clothes so it took more time to complete the show , but the staffs were strived as much as they could, good job ya!

second day outfit-pastel color is love !!! must try!!!

basic tee frm Uniqlo, Skirt frm CottonOn, canvas shoes frm Nike , just DO IT! bcaz we are young=))))

ok i know this photo is nice and doesnt look like me, call me Ms angle noh~~

break time of second day and i was wearing the same top wtf@@

well, this is what Derella says- multitasking: taking photo,eating and instagraming! 

these two boards are all about our outfit ~ just to prevent matching wrongly 

didnt take much photos of last day show due to we were so excited hahahaha~~~ finally finally completed!! hooooraayyyy~~~ no more legs pain ~ ><

see what derella doing?? curi tulang !!!

i quite love this flower printed dress, copyright by Le Ann ~

the last photo of today! time to sleep, good nite and enjoy reading! love you all=))))
edited by meitu~~