previously i was using 3GS until most of the people have upgraded their hp to iphone 4, 4S or samsung~

i feel that im a such an outdated blogger=(((((((( how can i let it be happened ! no idea><

so a quick post also, rushing my assignment , or anyone wish to do for me lalala

what apps i have downloaded in my 4S are mostly photo editing apps, you know i like taking photos so much so they are need-able ><

just want to share with you a few girly apps, hope you will like it=)

(1) meitu 

i think most of you know this apps as this is so famous and well-known by everyone who love to make over their pictures=) adjusting light, smoothing skin, is applicable ~

(2) CollageDay

it doesnt have much bling bling stuff or stamps but some of its stamps are cool and stylish! depends on how you decorate =)


i found this apps when i was searching for CollageDay. this is quite japanese style as we can make our photos look like da tou tie (photo stickers which were my teenager-hood hahha) even im still teenager now! lol~  

the only thing is, it will automatically compress your photos , so better use its camera and not choosing frm gallery=(

(4) 樂画cute
i super duper love this apps, extremely cute gorgeous lovely......!!!! must have in your smartphone!!
work better thn SBY ~

here are the photos i edited by using these apps~  

ok continue my work ! tadaa=)