with my puppy coffee

if you often read my posts, bet that you will know i having pimple scars problem on my face=(

i was founding ways to make them disappear as soon as my wish but using products is not the only way.

fortunately, i get sponsor from my beauty salon so i could save more than i expected=))))

as a blogger, i have to keep update and share any benefits with my readers. 

i have been here for facial since i was form 4, recalling how my skin that time was terrible ==!  

i had pimple scars problem also but worst than now. i used almost half year time to clear them off.

after having a baby skin, i didnt really take care of it until now( can you imagine i was so lazy to use make up remover and just use cleaner gosh@@), i found that having a good skin is much more important to have a good looking face! yup~~

what treatment i having now is scar treatment, it is effective for oily and pimples skin. the price is about Rm90. 

they have normal facial treatment too which just costs Rm49.00~~ 

the most important thing is, they wont keep "humbug-ing " you to purchase their products. 
from my previous experiences, those beauty salon like recommending you to buy buy buy, hate it==

this is my second time for treatment(once a week) and result can be seen =))))))) not lie-ing nah!! running machine is really efficient!!!!  

using their purifying lotion(good for blackheads) and lightening essence(good for scars love it). 

they located in IOI boulevard which is in Puchong. 

block E-2-26( above Amour), IOI boulevard, Jln Kenari 6, Bdr Puchong Jaya,47170 Selangor.

you may call them for inquiry and appointment, 03-80753929

just tell you are introduced by melissa, then you will get some benefit( you will know later) haha~~

one more thing,for those who is in birthday month can get 20% discount of any purchasing of products and treatments. for more info, just contact them dont be shy!

will show you the before and after soon! baby skin is back ⋯⋯(^_-)