done a shoot with number76 and it is awesome! even i wasnt in good condition=(((

will blog about it but not today lol

just want to share with you about my recent love and gift **

left out this photo for my previous Topshop catwalk post @@ must share haha

do you girls be accustomed to apply perfume every time you go out? yes I DO=)

i will feel like lacking of something if i dont ><  

one of my favor is forever and ever by Dior, today gonna introduce you another one- Miss Dior

seriously i dont like 'strong smell' of fragrance or maybe can be said like very GAO (not my style) 

Miss Dior is suitable for young girls (lady too XD) , smell sweet but not too sweet lol

price around Rm200 for 50ml

must have!

the next product- Laneige eye cream and sleeping mask

girls especially those who reached 20++ , pls PLS cautious the importance of using eye cream as we always do eye make up, exploring under the sun, facing mobile phone , laptop, and rubbing eyes 0.o

overall the eye cream is quite moisture not too oily~~

and the sleeping mask, it got me through the dry air =)))))) this is my first sleeping mask though ><

must have!! 
hydra solution eye cream around Rm130
sleeping mask around Rm100++

the last one just make me so excited hoho

made appointment with Yoshi @ number76 on Friday 

he placed three magazines on the table and  i read while he was doing my hair

ops one more was Scawaii

he showed me Lena's portrait and asked me whether it suits me or not??

i was feeling weird why he asked me this ques>< but i still answered YES=))))) becaz i love Lena very muchie⋯⋯(^_-)

i was rushing back due to busy road issue (no time for mid valley t.t) 

Yoshi quickly passed me Lena's portrait and said: you dont want this? this is for you!

i was: really? are you serious???( i though he was kidding me lol)

he said: yes yes yes sure

omg i felt so FISH nahhhhhhhh==

and i was almost tear: thank you very much Yoshi t.t

ahahahhaha, how sweet=))))))))))))

ok stop my crap , bye!