have to to blog =) i am excited now for my bkk shopping trip , why?

this is the first time i go bkk?

this is the first time i take flight?

NONONO, this is the first time i travel to another country without my family><

as i told you i have strict parents, but i have no idea why they allowed me to travel with another one but without them=))))) 

back to my topic hehe had a photo shooting with number76 team on monday 

i enjoy it as everyone is so friendly 

nice studio too (^○^)

the studio located at Damansara and the worst thing was jam along the road to there=((( i hate LDP toll, jam all the time

 nude face wasnt in good condition , feel sad =(

 another pretty model

make up artist , Amy (i guess i spell correctly ) exactly she has excellent skill in dolling a girl 

very light make up, Yoshi suggested not to put on fake eyelashes, but it still looks great right? extremely love love love

 Yoshi was actually answering his phone , Amy was like: huuuuu, finally i done your make up lol

why blur >< i should look nice here aikss

why blur me again ? it focused on Yoshi's shirt- the hot girl == of course it didnt want to focus me nooohh

found that i look so Japanese =))))))))))))bcaz make up by a Japanses? hahah

 why i have such big face t.t  but she has very small one's

 funny Yoshi~

hope the outcome is good=)

and wait for my next post!!  BYE !