found that i have not taken much photos for my shopping trip( if i have a lot of photos, it means that i didnt concentrate on shopping) lol

anyway i still have something to share ( if not why i updated??)

well skip all those rubbish words and start my topic- BKK shopping trip

not sure this is the ?th time i went to Bkk. but i was excited with it bcaz this was the first time i travel oversea without any adults =)))))) how brave hor ....hehe

proud of both of us, you see my body shape then you will know: erm....melissa should be the one who protects this little girl wtf i look so GIANT(-.-)

i think we spent very very little for air fare and accommodation , RM 640 each person

as i told you this is shopping trip not enjoying trip, so we need to save here and there ~~~~~

first, booked a flight during promotion period ! second, purchased offered vouchers from discount website! then count how much you save=)))))))))))

i will explain one by one of the places that i have visited.

the first : MBK

we stayed in Phaya Thai, so we paid around 20bath(it will be mentioned on the board when you purchase  your ticket) to reach Siam first, then change transit to National Stadium , easy right? you dont have to purchase two times of ticket , you just need to pay the amount of the actual station you will get to. 

not every places you will need to interchange station, depends on where you location.

i found that things selling in MBK do not catch my interest, not fashion not cheap (not recommend=( )

we walked around 1 hour+ and decided to give up, fortunately i saw a night market opposite MBK and we tried our luck to shop there. many clothes (mostly girls') selling there, considered cheap like 200-500bath ( of course you need to nego it mar><)



fat!!! smaller eyes without enlarging lenses??

the offered vouchers we purchased have included a day trip so we got chances to visit some places we didnt plan to go. 

temple is a plc you must go in Thailand!! 

 well im outdated i noe>< 

why i couldnt pose like a model something like introducing it??? 

nice view or nice girl??? lol

trying to show: you see how emo am i wtf!!

this is just nearby Central world shopping mall. after praying you can just walk to there and shop!

what is the thing you must buy if you visit Thailand?? yes, for me Naraya bag is the MUST=)))))))

cheap but good quality , no lie~~~they have many a lot of designs, patterns and sizes! again, must buy! you might purchase as souvenir , how valuable !

will continue with Central world, Platinum, Chatuchak...... soon 

dinner time=))

enjoy !