choose to blog in this hour and not going out with family for dinner><  yes i am lazy to step out( rainy day now)

attended babe xin wei's 21st birthday party on Thursday night. quite rush that time bcaz i had to teach until 9pm. so i dolled up myself at 6pm,  my students would think of: what happen to this tutor today? lol

she set a theme for her party which was "EASY BREEZY HAWAIIAN" , when i got it i was like: what????????? hawaiian!!!!

seriously the first thing came to my mind was: is it bikini top and leaves skirt???? hahahahahahaha crazy man==

i found something funny there=))))

tasted good and healthy!

no alcohol for me thank you

find you name!!!!!!!!! how cute><

saw my name? melissa1010 =)))))))))) how you actually pronoun my name? melissa ten ten? melissa one zero one zero? or melissa ten square?? wtf 

  the back one is more photogenic ><

 sorry just too in love with my name lol

                  okok last picture of showing this cup >< gorgeous watch from mummy hehe

what you saw? erm actually no relation with my post just to tell you there is a small pond lol

ops found that i have not show you which is babe xin wei ><
this my babe(^_−)−☆ 

 pretty leh~~ but no idea why she showed this face( i didnt bully her hor)


dont you think she looks like a HK artist?? yea this !!! hahahahh

 look alike??? hohoho babe dont kill me, is pretty mar wink**

we had BBQ there, of course we girls just sat down and order what we wanted =))))))))))

i was like: hey where is my food? why so long ?? aiyooo

                                                                      with her boy
                                                     hey why you capture my photo !!

                                     ammmm ammmm , just acting , i dont like sausage =(

you wanna try??? 

aiyo give some smile la u!

                                                                            smile lo==!

                                                                     dress from BKK

                                                     very high ISO photo t.t hate hate hate
is that muscle? arggghhhhhh why so fat ><
                                                      she still looks pretty in braces

her boy again<3 

ya i love this picture~we both look so natural

at last, my first Chanel item =))))))))))) weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ,finally get chance to change my wallet

recently many things to change>< need to get extra jobs indeed