me and my colleagues always plan to go here and there but end up, zero achievement=(((

this time we had planned at the beginning of sem and finally it complied at the end of sem hohoho

quite miracle as everyone could make it except two><

but we still have fun yeah!!

the day before ytd was my sister's birthday party, so i slept at 1am++

i woke up at 6am in the next day(i didnt feel tired becaz i was too excited)

been years didnt visit Melacca , i used to go there with my family but family trip is diff from colleagues' trip  , right??

before this i always ask my frens why you all want to go Melacca? nothing to enjoy there==

but after this i feel ashamed of my words **  

the weather was so so hot>< until i need to tie my hair up@@ sexy hair plan failed=(((

the first thing we did - fulfilled stomach!

dim sum as breakfast, you can see how hungry were them hahahhahahaha

 i have no idea why the right one called da bao>< it is so small @@

not nice meh??

u jin: i am so happy, finally i have my breakfast!!! lol

no idea why we wanted to take photo here>< what a crazy

say hi!!

no idea what they shooting, but i sure they were sweating !!!

regret didnt bring my marc jacob t.t , cant see my eyes though

first station: rumah merah

nothing fun there, but if you are first time visitor then you must go, maybe snap some photos ??

this is how i looked b4 tying up my hair=))) nice or not? weee

everyone seems has red cheeks , caz sun was too bright!!

not smile?


smile?? wtf

 no sun glasses no umbrella, so i need this =((( the ghost face is cute right?? haha

nah see i told you guys this is our all time favor!!! lol

next station: dataran pahlawan

decided to watch a movie but there was clash of time , so the famous Mille Crepe @ Nadeje Cake House

i did a survey there are still other cake houses selling this cake, but we just visited this, must try another next time!!

mine mine!! dont steal mine!!

self shoot while waiting my food ~~ saliva-ing 

just laugh hahahahhahhahahaha, im too free to edit this photo@@

this cake is huge in size, bigger than my fist><  but taste so so

this is the original Mille Crepe, must try!!! 

just search for Dataran Pahlawan then you will get this shop!

outfit: demin dress from Jaspal, flower-printed shoes from CottonOn, sling bag from Zara

see, i act cute successfully =)))))))

group photo!!

next station: chicken rice balls along Jonker St.

chicken rice balls also must try even it is just same as rice==

but if ppl ask: did you try on chic rice balls? how you gonna answer NO!!!

didnt go to the famous one, just simply picked one

luckily the taste was acceptable =)

no more pictures, i was too hungry@@

last station: satay celup (must try also!!)

the most famous one- capitol satay

address:Lorong Bukit Cina, Melaka, 75100

see how ppl queue up ><

no time for waiting, we tried the next door t.t

too bad~~ we must try it one day!!

i used up to two hours to finish this post omg@@ so big clap hands for me thank you =)))))))))

hope you enjoy reading my every single post! 

 last photo, credit to samsung S2 front cameraXD

some yok ma words wanna tell them><

even sometimes we have conflict and disagreements, but i hope it couldnt influence our relationship=))

nice trip with you all, yes, from the bottom of my heart, love you all hhahahha