money is important ,but health is more important .

i bet you know that, if you have unhealthy body then you couldnt enjoy your life even your are billionaire ~

today my post is not about fashion, my life , tutorials or any advert. im sharing something to you ,who live in this world , hoping that you could lend me your hands.

yes, this little boy whom is 8 years old and in the hospital right now.

why??? read more.....

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According to divination done, he requires a Amitayus Buddha initiation. So yesterday our Tsem Ladrang staff went to hospital to set up as tormas need to be made and lots of preparations required was done. When all was ready I went to the hospital to confer initiation of Amitayus for this little boy. To speak  to the mother and offer some gentle advice.. The hospital provided a special room for us and we performed the initiation right next to Gabriel. It was an urgent situation and everything went well. May Little Gabriel get well soon.

his name is Gabriel, he has been in coma for 3 months( it's long due to you can do many things in 3 months) .

pls watch, you will find out more and my feeling.

what i want to say is, he deeply needs our support.

send your positive thoughts and support here

Do help to get the word out there as little Gabriel is fighting for his live and desperately needs everyone's full support , thank you very much.

love life