finally have something to blog=((((

my holiday is just ............. too bored><

no caption~~~

i dont know where to start, ahemmm just share with you about the new launching of BMW 3 series event which i attended ytd=)

it was awesome event (seriously BMW deserved it, comparing to another branded events)

Shino is one of them who in charged in this, so my pleasure to attend this event tears**** lol

erm i dont know which is what or what is which , i just know this is engine ,right?

 yes, the new 3 series, this is limited edition( if im not mistaken)

super high ISO photo>< 

not clear, not enough of lightening but i love it bcaz cant see my unconfident face hahahahahha

bloody unconfident with my look t.t , yes i swear i was so shy to look up ><

i have no much dress to wear, i mean sexy dress , since im not a club kaki , I AM NOT!!

no idea why people associate i love night life in the first sight they met me????

why i smile so BU ZI RAN? i was so so shy bcaz people were starring at me >< and no idea what pose is this @@

when can i drive a luxury car which owned by me harrrrrrrr, errrmmmmmm good ques! i must work hard=) 

another one~

my face was like: acting elegant and trying to be lan c ><

having drinks and snap !

 last one!