hello readers, i have to tell you i dont have much current photos to share in this post due to my camera is not with me><

so bad quality of my 3310, why i called it 3310? i dropped it on floor for times and it still alive!

if not 3310, abuden?? hahahhahaha
pray that it risk of cancer and die, then i have an excuse to change a new one !

spot my cute bag?
nah this is the one which from topshop

watched movie- wedding diary ytd night

i dont feel like marrying also lol , but what i get to know is, you really need to spend a lot >< (luckily im not a guy! fuuuu)

did my hair myself by doing some braid, nice or not?

but it became messy after watching movie@@

as my article's title, im going to show you some basic PS skills and i believe you could learn in a tiny time, wink**

even i know most of ppl know about it, but i m sharing for those who not really clear about it 

well, show you a photo which haven't PS-ed , seriously didnt ps, this is one of the reason why i love gf2=)

pimple scars , if you enlarge ><

now, i want to remove pimple scars and mole on my face 

click the 7th icon( sorry i donnoe what it called==), then choose the "spot healing brush tool"

easy way now, place it on your pimple or scar which you hope them to disappear lol!

even mole hahahahahahhahahahahaha, but i dont think my mole is ugly, i just want to show you how powerful is photoshop !

after done, decided to smoothen my skin
so, just follow my picture below

i make the strength to 30%, depends on what level you want~

click ctrl+m to adjust the brightness

see the before and after, i know not really big differences caz i did make up, at least still some differences ==
yes, you may click to enlarge the photo!
next time share you how to slim down your face and sharpen nose hohoho

im not teaching you to cheat people lol

bb , hope you like it=)))