keep delaying on this post due to huge amount of photos><

i spent 4 days of my CNY in Koh Samui which is an island located in Thailand!

my sisters and I took Berjaya flight , parents and brother took firefly@@
waiting our flight and pictures time=)))

aunties with theirs daughters

me me me!!

seriously the equipment of plane is poor , just see this picture!!!

and the sound was irritating and i couldnt rest well@@

nice or not???

two hours passed and we reached! waited for my parents and brother and we picked up by hotel driver and sent us to our place^^

silly brother with devil smile hohoho

like a girl@@

finally reach our resort and it looks great!!

 cute korean???

 our room~~

mummy's room with jacuzzi and cute girl had fun there

suppose take out my sun glasses @@

changed my look and ready to go out!see the flower?? hahaha...brought it there myself

trying to take a nice angle from side but wrongly focus==

 after dinner, we went to night market near Cha weng, things there are not as cheap as Bangkok , the worst thing is you cant nego to the lowest price== i didnt buy much things there

not only this night market, any things selling in Koh Samui are not worth to purchase except certain things like these lol!!
very cheap candy and snacks from 711=)))

love candy??? fall in love after eating?? lol

advising you that dont expect to get cheap fashion clothes here because the sellers here also get clothes from wholesale in Bangkok. So, we will be like third or fourth party.

stop writing for day one=)))always read my blog pls ^^