finally done my trip post and my daily life post turn! yeah~~~~

have been a night ghost for so long until my dark circle so obvious and ehem pimple scars surrounding  t.t........

i better listen to mummy and visit adonis@@ she tried their service last week, it brings good result though!

im not helping them to do an advert, i will tell you the result after i try it this week=)))))

 i must share with you'll about this>> nice outcome of my gf2 weeeeeeeeee laugh*****

colour edited by meitu 

i dont even have to PS  and sometimes just adjust the colour tone! how much time i save hoho

whatever, if i get to know another camera which brings out nicer effect than this, then i would change hahhaha( but not this year@@)

it seems like im going to use much money this year >< ya, i will spend more on my shopping tripsS!!

so, what to do? save money save money, or else anyone wish to sponsor me for any services or products which i often use ,contact me contact me,i will help you to blog about it(^_−)−☆ so i dont have to waste money hohohoho

 and this using retro effect of my camera! nice or not ?????