finally can back to resort and bath, now turn on my pc and blog!

i miss malaysia, the weather here is super HOT! i have to put on spf50 sun protector and hat (not enough though)

let's slightly talk about my reunion dinner~

we have been eating at restaurant for years since no one wishes to cook and clean ( my maid isnt that hardworking)

this year we had our dinner at Kam lun tai which located at sri petaling~ 


chak chak chak while waiting our food><

yeah my 3D nails, but few "diamond" dropped in the very next day lol!! it costs  rm90 for nail art oni@@ wtf

very naughty and handsome boy=)))
see few "lan dou yi" behind me!

the next day(first day of cny) we went to uncle's house after going to grandpa's house.

no idea what i laughing ?

say peaceeeeeeeeee

old people (i mean my parents and uncle auntie lol) were busying on their chit chat, then us? do nothing talking crap and took photos

blink of an eye, it was 3.00pm++ then we(my family) continue our steps to Genting ~

continue blogging tmr~ going out again=)))