i have to blog have to blog!! ytd was too tired so sorryyyyyy

the weather of last few days was so hot, almost melt walking under the bright sun!

thought that i got few vouchers of QQ Snowmix which purchased from Jicocity=)

thx god! this website helps me save money on every deals (beauty,hair care,car accessories,hotels, meals......)!!!!! have a look and purchase the vouchers before others grab all of them><

i invited my colleagues to join me , too bad jus one person was with me @@

nvm, we still had fun!

the shop located at Sri Petaling which just 15min(estimate) from my college( Subang)

without a doubt, we order immediately after reached~~~ (just too thirsty) 

a lot of choices....erm....which to order????

waiting and playing~


yeah finally our turn! this is mine~~~~~~

and his one~ i dont like eating yam><  so i didnt try on his bowl

i still have 4 vouchers left here , one voucher is for two bowls of your pick from 7 choices of Taiwan Top 10 desserts!!

you want???????  easy way to get it, just like my post of this link in my page then email me your detail (name and email address), i will pick up 4 persons and reply you with the voucher=)

email me: melissa-1010@hotmail.com

redemption period is from 5th Jan 2012 to 5th March 2012

 more details pls check here (too bad the voucher cant be purchased,it's sold=( )