was too busying and finally the end of my holiday~~~

having class from monday to friday, so you could spot me walking around Inti subang=(

my schedule is just full@@ wake up in the early morning (7.30 is too too early for me t.t)

teach, then rush to college , then rush back teach again !!! shit money is so SO important ok><

cai shen ye, i need YOU(^_−)−☆

forget about my shit time table first, share with you my Ms.J=)

i was addicted to Jill Stuart since form 4 too bad hard to find in M'sia=(((((((((

if you read my blog, you know i have consign Shino to help me buy this and that in Paris

he went to Taiwan for two days shopping then back to Paris again >< gosh so enjoy**

Ms.J is just blessed because she flew from Taiwan to M'sia by EMS>< 

no matter how she is still very gorgeous right?? hehe

feel like im a princess when using her=) smell SO GOOD~~~hmmmmmmmmmmmm

thank you thank you shino wang^^ is it enough to say thank you in my post here? very ba bai la u><

im still waiting the rest to reach my house

may be Ms.C? Ms.B? cant wait~~~luggage bag pls fly back now!!!!