was invited by my friend to support him in a competition which he was joining on last saturday

he SMS me the address and i got to know that the plc named Neverland and located at KL

honestly i didnt drive to KL personally, fortunately my two sweeties, carine and wuan chin, were with me =)))))))

and definitely we REACHED!!! lol

the first expression of me was like: wtf i am in the club now!

i cant even see who passby me

if u often read my blog, u will know im not a 'clubbing kaki'

i hate the smell of smoke ! dont hate me if u're a smoker k~~~

my stomach was empty since i didnt have neither my breakfast  nor lunch@@ wuan chin and I decided to walk out of it and search for food T.T

we were so unlucky><  the restaurant which beside the club was closed down then we had to walk farther =( sweat********

finally the competition started at around 4pm

our friends were the 6th group out of ten groups of competitors

they entered top 5 without a doubt and had to dance again~

top 5 competitors~~~

they really did well ,i almost cry out because the dance was just too fantastic lol!!!

so i uploaded it to youtube=) BUT!!!! shit!!! two times !i had tried twice to upload it but end up low quality of video wtf@@ gosh !!! angry*******

sorry ti hau>< i promise to upload to vimeo later on ~

too bad they got number 2>< why? ask the judge then==

anyway, you guys did a good job! well done ya!!!

*credit to wuan chin who helped me to take photos^^

can you believe that was my dad's socks>< lol wahahahahahahaha (recycle wei!)

after that went for dinner with Shino(brithday celebration), very simple ><

it named ma maison(goggle it to find its location), a french restaurant~

we were quite surprised when there was no one inside , just one waiter and chef lol omg

but we were too too hungry so , stepped in =)))))

ordered our food and we waited almost one hour for food serving, be patient when having meals at french restaurant. ^^

this snails (escargot) are taste better than the previous which eaten at cafe cafe , this post

 his food~

 mine! but i cant even finish half of it@@ mean? worth??

dessert- choc mousse!!!!! this i could finish =)))))))))

happy birthday (earliest one!) wish you earn more and more money( this is what he wanted at all lol)

lastly, a big kiss for my readers , happy chinese new year ya=))))))) get more ang pow as well huhu~~

* blog again by tmr!!!! many to share=)))