im back ! the first day of college after CNY=((((((

very sleepy, my alarm rang at 8.00am and i snoozed it

snoozed for 3+times and i found that it was 9.30! (my class is 10.00am@@)

ermm....what to do? continue sleeping and woke up at 10.30am then prepared myself for the next class heeeeeeeeee^^

nice bokeh and focus on my maid's body lol==

the first day of CNY which means "chu 1", went to Genting with my family and stayed overnight there

and it was my night mare , tell you why later><

mummy booked 1st World Hotel since Highlands Hotel had been fully booking=((((

the room just small and uncomfortable(it called deluxe room??) 

sisters~~~~~taken from my youngest sister's album><

after dropping down our luggage, we (me, sisters and brother) went down and walked walked walked

did nothing, so i suggested to chill at Starbucks lol

and, high calories food!omg@@ my face looked so enjoy~

freaking boring because i have not reach 21! (im not showing off lol)

i checked-in my plc in my private fb and found that my sweetie carine did the same thing too hahahaha

just blink of an eye, she  called me before i took out my hp and decided to do the same thing ><

affinity???? love love****

we met up and chit chat, then i waited her in my room ~~~~~ what? gambling laXD

yeah my sisters and brother=))))))))) 

act cute face? 

top: topshop
bottom: MNG
legging: topshop(i love it, not bright colour but attracted!) 
shoes: sunway

ok ~need to bai tian gong , see you!