blog first,back from Genting and finish bathing,tired=((((

crowded of people and cars, i did nothing there even watch a movie also NO!

the day before reunion dinner, i dated my two sweet heart for movie and shop~

but end up i was the one who bought a lot~~~sweat*

 carine looked so short on that day lol lol lol!!!

watched Ah Beng, rate: 3/5, consider ok soso>< 

cny decoration at pyramid ,can you see the smoke?? hahahhaa...macam yes><

miss malaysia no1

miss malaysia no2

miss malaysia no3 lol my one with smoke see....behind me!

bro and youngest sis! 

oh credit to my sis for taking this nice and natural photo=)))))

i have no much energy and effort to blog as much as i usually do, so i just share you some photos and add up captions@@ my eyes bery bery dry and need for rest>< 

stay tune for my next post~ gong xi fatt cai!

cross eyes cross eyes!!