the second day of CNY, i woke up in the early morning like 8.00 am @@

bathed and doll up myself , i thought i would enjoy myself with my sisters and brother but it didnt=(((((

they decided to go to the theme park, bringing along my maid, i disagreed so end up i walked alone wtf

chubby sister!

twice, i thought i could shop and enjoy my time , BUT!!!! nightmare >< >< >< ><

i strolled strolled strolled at least two times up and down in the first world , nothing to shop!!!

and i was stopped myself from buying too much since i spent quite a lot for this cny==

i forced myself to buy something but there was zero item that i interested @@

is it nightmare??????????? for me, yes!YESSSSS

i had to wait them (including adult) for 3 hours+ time passed very slow like tortoise @@

finally dad called me and asked for gather! thx god! leave the terror plc! 

outfit :
collar: own decoration lol^^
pants: Topshop
bag:charles & keith
shoes: sunway

 cute sun glasses from cotton on and super cheap RM15@@

lastly, nah macam pro! hahahahahaha....... suppose to credit to my brother><

cant wait to blog about my koh samui post=)))))