first of all, Happy New Year=)

it's 2012, may be it will be a brand new year for us or being better than  last year!

anyway just wish everyone lives happier and joyful=))))))))))

i didnt get permission to go out ytd so we had a small small party at house.

i dont know what to say so let's pictures do the talk>< (im lazy to type so much sorry=( )

i have no time to edit the photo (lazy again) just add my own tag there~

what i want to say is her skin is bery bery bery smooth (im jealous**) tau fu fa??? lol

 dont keep saying you're fat or ugly, btw you really look prettier la aiyoooo

she gonna be a magic to me lol !!! if you read my blog from beginning until now , you will know how different is her comparing to last timeXD

they always attend my house's party as well( supportive!) primary classmateXD love you love you=)

last picture VS naughty boy