i have been joining blogspot for one year(i used wretch.cc before this)

i like sharing my life with people, sharing tutorials which i think it is useful =)

wait, before starting my topic today, do you notice that i change my layout of my bloggie???

i used half day to "read through" the new version of templates, end up fail@@

btw, im using the old version , that's why i cant show you how to do this and that for your blog.

i think most of bloggers using the new one =(((((((((

finally i put a like button on every article successfully >< if you wanna ask :why you put it? then my answer will be: because i want people support my post!lol!

it is true, the first thing a blogger needs is "support"

i used to think that i wrote a long long story but end up i just get zero response???

could you imagine how sad it is??  i am telling my real feeling here...........

it is not easy for a blogger to do a tutorial, take photos in right angle,use nice camera, learning to adjust the  shit ISO....things just to snap a good quality photo@@

it is still not the final there, editing photo in photoshop, add some text, resize...........

after that explain clearly step by step in post! sometime it will make a blogger crazy when it comes in sudden --------blackout and nothing is saved!!!!! (luckily now blogspot has the automatic save function )

so , try to imagine it is really not an easy job kay=)

even the amount of my readers are increasing , but i dont like checking my "stat" (how many people view my blog today,and where they get known of my blog...)

pls, i need to beg you shit! yup, please guys,, at least give me a comment or a like if you think that you enjoy reading my every single post^^  a response  is considered support to me^-^

it will not waste how much of your pretty time( 1-2min errr......)

another thing need your help, i have to increase number of fans in my facebook page, could you pls lend me a hand by sharing my page link on your wall( innocent face**)

i promise i will work harder on my postsSSS, weeeeeee, thank you very much!

here i stop, writing too long .......i hope to continue writing though lol

and PLEASE dont hate me of begging you to support me =) good nite good nite and happy new year! BIG KISS*******