finally im home=) 

have been waiting for today for weeks 

i was afraid that i couldnt make it because i felt sick ytd =((((((((

fortunately,god bless me hoho

i have made an appointment at 5.00pm with Yoshi(mid valley) -the owner of number76 

i guess everyone who always read people blogs will noticed that famous bloggers blogged about number76 last week, right?

i decided to change my hair colour away( it was too dark for me) 

since Yoshi said that i cant have my hair extensions by today so i just dye for my hair!

when i reached, there was quite numbers of customers but the staff still serve me patiently

* not my breast lol!!! just shadow@@

after that a girl served me to a seat and waited for Yoshi

I told him what colour i prefered and he started to grasp for what i wanted=)

He explain how he gonna and what he gonna do to my hair!( such intimate^^)

seriously, their services are Best! i almost felt to sleep when having hair wash lol
in progress~~~~

Yoshi told me that i need to bleach my hair if i really want a brighter colour

without hesitating,i just said: yes, sure~~~

he asked me in double confirm: are you sure? it will damage your hair!

my answer was still the same hahahahah

since i told you that i want smoother hair, so i do hair treatment once i wash my hair(almost everyday)

yes, my hair is smooth naturally without any rebonding=)

a tip for those who going to dye your hair: 
buy a hair treatment or go for treatment at saloon (if you could afford the prices) everyday like one week before dying your hair

Yoshi showed me that he added collagen powder to the bleaching chemical

oh gosh! my hair is still smooth and smell good even it has breached! !

i cant wait for my hair extensions which will be in the next two weeks=)

i still cant wait for it(hope that it is just tmr=))

i think i look more japanese compare to the previous one yeah=)

CNY is just around, it's time to change your hair style !!

call them and make your appointment! 

if you feel shy like me, you may email them too=)

check for their prices here( affordable for most people and reasonable!)

you may tell them that you're introduced by melissa1010 too^^

good nite peeps!! have a nice day ya=)