nice photo i noe hahahaha

well, a good news(mayb) for my beloved readers=)

i found that i update my bloggie so frequent hoho, so pls love me kay(innocent eyes***)

i bought a few hair extensions (straight and curl) last week, but i havent touch them even smell them also NO==

i decided to give them out to my readers due to i dont hope to waste them ( they cost me rm60+ )

giving them out (make my readers happy) instead of keeping them in my box is the best solution

let me try on the straight pony tail ~~

first- tie my hair up , see a little pony tail here><

there is a clip (make it more stable on my tail)

nah see easy job just to fasten the ribbon , long pony tail NOW !!hehe

sorry ugly background @@

next, the curly pony tail

last one , one piece hair extension

normally for long hair or medium , you just need one pc

but for short hair like ME, i need two t.t

i didnt measure how long this extension , but it reaches my waist ~~

here the result of wearing it=)

hahhaha...i just want to share this photo aiksss><

1. tag me and share my page melissa1010 on your wall , something like : join melissa's page!
2. printscreen or send me the link through email:
3. send along your details( name, address and handphone) & which hair extension you want(straight pony,curly pony, one pc extension)

something you need to know: pay your own rm6 postage!

remember send to

of course you guys will feel curious why i buy them and never use on them??
hehe, i dont need them anymore------------ im having hair extensions on my real hair SOON!!
very happy now=)

see you!