hello people, im free to blog now.

next week gonna be a busy week , i think everyone will be the same as ME

assignment, work..... all trying to appear with their head thn body thn legs LOL

i have order a super cute "cloth" for my lappie=)

it is not safe for it to NUDE , hahahahahhhaa~~ slap me **

i found a way to diet yourself , but it isnt healthy, so i just share but not encourage to use it often

well, today i just had 2 meals from morning until now.

i drank a cup of hot milo as my breakfast.

how i gonna stand it until night??

the point is, i concentrate on something i interested on thn kept doing it.

for examples like watching movie, reading magazine......

so i totally forgotten the feeling of hungry=)

for me , it is useful but not for everyone~