seriously i didnt read jasmine magazine before

unfortunately i have the luck to shoot for this magazine><

since the director told me the magazine will publish on MAR,

so i was keep searching from stall to stall ,day by day

finally i get it by today==

no comment for those pictures, lol i cant recognize myself there =(

proud that mummy saying: nice nice.....mature mature..... casual casual

but i feel like auntie look OMG


 sometimes heard people saying that form 6 is more stress than college

but i have to take exception to this .

college life seems like enjoyable 

but BUT, it's just for those who really go college to have fun

test one test two assignments...............

these are what we called stress

just like us now, we have 7 assignments to go.......

just in half month time, we must submit it=(


if i fail to get a good result,then i'm just wasting my dad's money

 it's not fated for us to use parents' money, no way!