it's feel like coming the end of CNY=(

i haven't collect enough "ang pau" frm aunties & uncles......

as i told u guys i have alot alot of wishlists yaaa==

i keep gambling to "earn" more bucks as i wish hahaahahahaha.......

valentine's day is coming in the next week 

i have no idea what to purchase for him , mayb no><

but i told him that i want a wallet eeeeeeeeeeee

we didnt celebrate valentine's day together for the past two years 

so this coming day will be our 1st celebration for it=)

so where u guys going to celebrate it?

we have plan to  have dinner at victorian station

romantic environment there.... 

expecting the day to come^^ 

 andddd.... i'm deciding to make a video tutorial again..

make up? hair do? mix match???

any suggestion girls??????