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Yes, we broke up

Monday, 30 January 2017
Update on 20 March 2017:
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It's Chu 3 and I just woke up in the mid of the day, half day holiday has gone fml #typicalcomplainer
I was "partying" at a friend's house and came home at 5 am + in the morning just now, it's been a long time I didn't hang out til this hour.

I always ensure I have enough of sleep to prevent the opportunity of breakout, you know it had been a harassment to me, whenever I hang out with friends or family, I used to be asked: 為什麼你的痘痘還沒好? 你不要化妝啦,痘痘更明顯~ 你是不是沒有喝水吃水果?你的痘痘很嚴重下~

Sigh~ 我喝很多水, 提早睡覺,有吃水果,不吸菸喝酒,but pimples & scars still there...........