Sorry sorry sorry, I always wish to have my ME-time whenever I don't need to work, else I will be fulfilling my free time with friends. Yet, my passion towards blogging is still there lol lol lol
Yup, as title, I have my first filler experience. This is the first birthday gift I given to myself *finger crossed*. Alright, reading at this line and someone might be like:

Been abandoning my blog for months and I feel ashame when colleagues around trying to tell others Melissa is a blogger (I was like: NO I don't blog now, haha*laugh awkwardly....)

                         eh, natural is the best!

                                                                  Your look is good enough already 

        There're side effects                                
                                  You will become addicted~

                                                                                                             You will regret in the future! 


 Ok well well well, Im mentally well-prepared to accept all kind of comments because everyone has different point of view in terms of cosmetic surgery.

I wanted to have higher nose bridge and I always tell babe Lumi I will go for plastic surgery one day. I hate using shading to achieve high nose bridge, Im just....... Lazy ~~~  Also, I wish to have kissable lips, not too much like Koreanish baby lips, but at least I will have the intention to kiss myself when I look into the mirror LOLLLL

Dream comes TRUE!!! YEAH~~~~~
I did it at DrxClinic by my favor Dr.Chiam =)))))))))))

Here the immediate result of before & after comparison. 
Oh please tell me you can see the difference haha

Pain or not?

Numbing time before injection! For those who really afraid of pain, applying numb cream will definitely calm you a lot.

Not exactly painless at all, but it was just like normal injection on hand. Ok well, I was pretty nervous laaaaaaa hahahahah 

Fortunately, they will try to distract your attention while doctor is giving the injection.

How's the immediate look?

I couldn't really use to it when first I saw my "new look", I looked kinda different and SO-NOT-ME!!!!! For your information, I did filler on my nose & lips. 
I asked doctor: Am I going to look like this in the coming months?
Dr.Chiam: No worries, your look will get natural day by day. (I trust Dr.Chiam, and obviously she did great job!!!)

Note : Please expect a lil bit of swollen on your injection area during the first 3 days. However, the "recovery time" is vary on different kind of skin. 

How I looked right after filler injection.

After 3 weeks look! How's it how's it?? Got compliments from friends saying that it's natural =)

#Selfie taken in Taiwan last week

My nose bridge is higher without any shading or Photoshop work involved. 

How much?

The price is starting from around RM1000-4000. I suggest you to consult Drx Clinic for clarification as different people need different brand & amount of filler. 

For your information, I used different brands of filler for both nose and lips. Please be aware of what your beautician or doctor injects on your skin as not every brand of filler is suitable for nose/lips/cheeks/etc......

Filler on my nose: Ultradeep, Teosyal Brand

Filler on my lips: Volift, Juvederm Brand

Conclusion, Im really satisfied with the outcome. Thank you Dr.Chiam, big hug****

Beauty enhancing doesn't mean to have a completely big change but highlight your feature with minor enhancement. Please always remember, do not get addicted and over-injected!!!!!

Tadaaa..... good night!!! Wishing you enjoy reading my post (I will try harder to blog often hehehe).

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