Hello peep! My blog has been abandoned for a month since the last post. I've started working part time while looking for a full time (even though I would like to be a couch potato >< )

Working part time does helped to balance out my lifestyle , for example I used to wake up at 11 or 12 pm but now I have to wake up by 10am. I drink a lot of water ( at least 2L a day )! I think this is one of the reasons why my skin is getting better (touch wood touch wood !!)

Having a skin that doesnt need much coverage or no coverage at all is my goal in 2015!! No PS for this photo but foundation and concealer (I truly touched of not photoshoping my photo tears*****)

Previous skin condition: HERE
Current skin condition: minus scars , little little breakout prior PMS. 

Clogged pores are much reduced and no more serious breakout even before PMS !!

Visited DrX Clinic yesterday for consultation and Dual Yellow Combi Laser with Dr.Chiam. Dual Yellow Combi Laser is the laser that I've been doing for my skin since last year and it's my favor! If you were having pimples/acnes/redness problem like me, please please please you should go for it!! (of course you need to consult doctor first okay=) )

Dual Yellow Combi Laser

It's widely considered to be one of the most effective treatments for vascular and pigmentary conditions.

It delivers great control & better outcomes with reduced skin damage & discomfort.

It improves the skin texture, target fine lines & wrinkles & even out the skin tone (scars, acne marks....)

Highly recommend this laser for people who:

- Have pigmentation problem
- Have acne problem like me!!
- Have acne red marks like me!!!
- Experiencing Rosacea/Telangiectasias (basically sensitive skin)
- Want to rejuvenate their skin
- Have unbalanced skin tone like me!!!!

ready for laser!

The procedure will only take 10-30 minutes including face cleansing > numb cream > laser > face cleansing 

No worries........ they will help you to apply a layer or more of numb cream before the laser.
AND honestly, you might experience a little little pain (cause by the heat) at serious acne area (big pimple). Bare with me, the pain is just minus and everything will be fine (imagine you can have flawless skin soon!!). 

say hi to Ultrawoman lolll

You can put on make up right after the laser and sensitive skin might have some redness on skin (not serious at all).

this is the lovely Dr.Chiam who given me a lot of encouragement and told me not to worry as my skin will be fine T.T (seriously it meant a lot to me you know !) She's so fair and doesn't need any make up at all !!!

How much to spend at DrX?

When it comes to total money consumption, I would say, it depends. It depends what doctor suggests you to take; medicine/ laser/ facial/ products etc. 

Their products range around Rm90-300++  and normally can use up to 3 months. My favor is the Max-C which lighten my scars a lottttttttttt and the Tinted Sunscreen. 

For laser treatment, they have various lasers like Dual Yellow Combi, Skin Resurfacing CO2, Fotona Hair Removal Laser........ My favor Dual Yellow costs Rm2000 for 5 times. Normally yu can notice the difference after the 2nd laser.

Wait!! They do accept instalment payment (6 or 12 months with 0% interest) and students can get 10% off for products purchasing. 

Medicine costs around Rm50-100++ for a month. I highly recommend you to take Doxy, Spiro, instead of Roaccutane because I did take Roaccutane years ago and it made my skin really dried out badly =( However, I'm not a professional so do consult doctor for proper guide.

When can I see the result?

Don't expect immediate changes =) Flawless skin is worth to be waiting for !! For me, it took 1 month to see a noticeable result.  Dont feel upset, keep telling yourself flawless skin is coming to you!

Refilled my products yesterday !

See I can put on make up right after the laser, NO PHOTOSHOP AT ALL =)

Good news is, my readers and friends can enjoy 3 times of free consultation by mentioning my name "Melissa". Why not? Believe me, you can have flawless skin like others do! 

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