Hello my long lost blog ! The 20 facts tag is on trend now and I've been tagged by few friends,  * yeah finally someone tagged me so I can throw my real shit out! *

1. I am Hokkien, but my ability to speak and understand Hokkien is only 50%.

2. I have two younger sister and one youngest brother, obviously I'm the eldest.

3. I'm 167.5cm but most of the time I tell everyone I'm 168cm because it sounds closer to my dream height which is 170cm LOL .

4. I HATE durian but I love Chao taufu XD

5. Each time after touching anything apart from my own stuff , I will wash my hands completely clean. I just want to make sure my hands are always CLEAN. If bf touched anything that I think is dirty, I will ask him to wash his hands first before holding my hand. 

6. I love horror movie A LOT but every time watching it I will close half of my eyes / use something to block half of my version !

7. I have unbalanced double eyelids, my double eyelids are natural one.

8. I'm more into western fashion now and my favor magazine is Vogue. 

9. My panties are mostly T-back, because I love T-back !

10. I prefer dessert to be my main course. I can't live without chocolate. 

11. I'm a super lazy person, but when I get thing done, I want it to be perfect !

12. I have a bias (towards  / against) handsome & rich boy !!!!! 

13. I don't club and I don't drink, unless any special celebration invited by friends. 

14. I won't fart in front of anyone including my family, my brother used to tell my mum: mummy, I don't think da jie ( sister ) able to fart because I didn't smell her fart before LOL.

15. My favourite color is BLACK ( it used to be pink hehe ), because black can match everything.

16. My surname is Poh, in Chinese is 傅. My chinese name was : 傅淑仪, then changed it to 傅诗喻 when I was 10. Well, I dont like people calling me my chinese name because it sounds like 死鱼 (dead fish ==!), just call me Melissa will do. 

17. I hate my teeth and I want to go for Invisalign someday!

18. I'm not into Kpop, but I watched my very first korean drama,‘My Love from the Star' , last month due to boringness. Yet I never fell for Do Minjun lollllll 

19. I have a 7-stitches scar under my chin since I was 7. 

20. I'm major in Marketing & International Trade and this semester is my last one *clap clap* .