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My first CC cream & cushion - Elishacoy Always Nuddy CC + Giveaway !

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Hellooooooooo HIIIIIIIII
Been busying like a bee recently as my semester is coming to the end , hmmm this is my last semester and I'll be finishing my study life *stress mode*

After struggling for monthsSS of my superb bad skin condition, finally I can walk out with naked skin =((((( YET, it's still scars on my face but I believe that they will gone forever!! *hold fist*

Today's post will be a review of 2 products-  Elishacoy Always Nuddy CC Cream & Cushion.

Elishacoy Always Nuddy CC Cream

+ 10 in 1 Function
+ SPF 30++
+ Blend into your skin naturally
+ Wrinkle reduction
+ Made in Korea

notice the difference? Image from

the face with eye make + lip tint  

Blending the CC cream with 3D Blending Sponge  [ Giving out 10 of them , continue reading please 

Highly recommend this sponge as you can simply replace your finger by this tool ! It's sold at Rm9.90 at Supermodelsecrets , direct link to purchase: CLICK

My comment: In overall, it's is not my cup of tea as I need something with good/average coverage for my current skin condition. However, I recommend this to normal skin girl who wants a matte finish look with no white/grey tint like most BB cream. My skin is dry due to cold weather here in Melbourne so I need something really moisturizing as well ><

As photo below, redness of scars still can be seen even though is not obvious as before. This is the result of applying one layer, if you want better coverage, 2 layers will do =)
Direct link to purchase Elishacoy Always Nuddy CC Cream : CLICK 

Elishacoy Always Nuddy CC Cushion

+ SPF 50+ PA+++ + Whitening & Anti- Wrinkle
+ Handy & Simple Makeup 
+ Moisturizing effect
+ Made in Korea

You should know that this is my current favor cosmetic !!!! Not using foundation for months but only this cushion. Never get to try Laneige BB Cushion so I cant differentiate/rate them.

nahhhhhh you can see the difference now ! No photoshop, scars can be covered but not perfectly covered, yet still love it !

My comment: This cushion leaves my skin a soft dewy look + moistures my skin !!! Oil control is not bad as I only need to touch up my make up after 2-3 hours (consider good for me). Coverage of it is not as perfect as concealer does but at least it hidden some of the obvious scars hehehe =)))))) Happy with it !!!

Direct link to purchase : CLICK 

finish look like this !

YES! I'm giving out 10 3D Beauty Blending Sponge from Supermodelsecrets to my 10 lucky readers!!!!!!

Follow my Instagram ( @melissa1010 ) or checkout my Instagram (if you've clicked to follow) for the step to WIN it !

*Winners will be announced on 27-9-2-14

Hope you like this review as much as myself do !  ^^

20 facts that you might not know about me !

Friday, 5 September 2014

Hello my long lost blog ! The 20 facts tag is on trend now and I've been tagged by few friends,  * yeah finally someone tagged me so I can throw my real shit out! *

1. I am Hokkien, but my ability to speak and understand Hokkien is only 50%.

2. I have two younger sister and one youngest brother, obviously I'm the eldest.

3. I'm 167.5cm but most of the time I tell everyone I'm 168cm because it sounds closer to my dream height which is 170cm LOL .

4. I HATE durian but I love Chao taufu XD

5. Each time after touching anything apart from my own stuff , I will wash my hands completely clean. I just want to make sure my hands are always CLEAN. If bf touched anything that I think is dirty, I will ask him to wash his hands first before holding my hand. 

6. I love horror movie A LOT but every time watching it I will close half of my eyes / use something to block half of my version !

7. I have unbalanced double eyelids, my double eyelids are natural one.

8. I'm more into western fashion now and my favor magazine is Vogue. 

9. My panties are mostly T-back, because I love T-back !

10. I prefer dessert to be my main course. I can't live without chocolate. 

11. I'm a super lazy person, but when I get thing done, I want it to be perfect !

12. I have a bias (towards  / against) handsome & rich boy !!!!! 

13. I don't club and I don't drink, unless any special celebration invited by friends. 

14. I won't fart in front of anyone including my family, my brother used to tell my mum: mummy, I don't think da jie ( sister ) able to fart because I didn't smell her fart before LOL.

15. My favourite color is BLACK ( it used to be pink hehe ), because black can match everything.

16. My surname is Poh, in Chinese is 傅. My chinese name was : 傅淑仪, then changed it to 傅诗喻 when I was 10. Well, I dont like people calling me my chinese name because it sounds like 死鱼 (dead fish ==!), just call me Melissa will do. 

17. I hate my teeth and I want to go for Invisalign someday!

18. I'm not into Kpop, but I watched my very first korean drama,‘My Love from the Star' , last month due to boringness. Yet I never fell for Do Minjun lollllll 

19. I have a 7-stitches scar under my chin since I was 7. 

20. I'm major in Marketing & International Trade and this semester is my last one *clap clap* .