Dare not to login to my blog and check out the stat !! I know some of you have been waiting for my updates , sorry to disappoint you =((((((((

I just want to update you guys about my life. I back to Msia on 18 Jun 2014 and I'm going back to Melbourne this coming Sunday ( 20/7/14) . No lie , I still prefer Malaysia because all my family and friends are here.

Maybe you're trying to say I can make friends there..... but I cant get a true friend there, get it??? hehehe

I gave parents a surprise by telling them a wrong date of my arrival and no doubt it was succeed!! Feel so good seeing my family and we can fool each other EVERYDAY !

Youngest brother is so tall now but still I can bully him!

I'm home most of the time as I dont want to make up =( I wish my baby skin can be back as soon PLEASE , it's mad looking into mirror and see my worst skin condition due to unbalanced hormone , I CRY I CRY T.T  Understand my feeling please =(
Went to visit DRX clinic and hope they can cure my skin, *seriously pray hard*.

Not forget to mention my baby Mango, she's still as petite and weighing like 1kg. The most obedient puppy I ever had hahahaHAHAHA She knows where to pee pee & poo poo ( toilet ) , not biting anything , sit & stand, shake hands, and she knows how to pretend dead when I use my hand to shoot her LOLLLL

like this ! Dare not to move and stay in this position !

Most importantly, I GAINED WEIGHT !!!!! Or I should say I gained fat as my weight is still remaining like 48 49kg but I can feel that my tummy is getting bigger like pregnant woman ! Mummy and sister said that too wtf no more supper after this ==!

Went to Penang last week with family and Hippo. We love Penang so much especially the FOOD !

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