Hello all dearies, I just finished my first exam paper ytd and it was one of the toughest subjects I took so far. So I was hiding myself in the room and studied for the whole past week. Apparently I had less updates in my social media platforms. Today I'm free a lil bit and squeezed some time for my blog before I start preparing the next paper. 

image source from Zara.com 

I aware that ripped jeans is on trend and I personally love it so much as it simply makes us look fashionable by adding few rips in the fabric. Ok la I'm cheapskate giam siap enough to DIY it myself rather than buying it from retail store. 

Baseball jacket from OneZero10 | random sleeveless basic | ripped legging from online store | skater shoes from random store in Melbourne

After seeing so much of ripped jeans tutorials from online , I had the idea to DIY it my own. The victim jegging I used was the latest jegging I bought in Melbourne. The price was cheap so I had the heart to rip it lol lol lol

Simplest ways to achieve the ripped result ! 

What you need : Scissors/ blade , Nail file / sandpaper block , a cap of container / cutting board

How to cut : 
- Place the cap/ board under one side of the jeans to avoid the back being slashed
Draw a line on where you want the rip to be . You can draw as much , I started mine above the knee. 

How to rip:
For jeans:
- Slash the line horizontally.
- Scrape off the jeans by blade/sandpaper block to reveal the threads.
- Repeat step 1,2,3 for other sections.

For jegging:
- Cut the hole according to the line you drawn.
- Rough it up with the nail file/ sandpaper block until the threads are revealed.
- Repeat step 1,2,3 for other sections.

This is the outcome of mine ( not what I expected but still ok....) , I bet jeans can have better result!! So go try on your old jeans maybe?

Hope this tutorial helps =)