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So, I met the smallest penguin........

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Wanted to blog about this trip for long time....... it had been delayed due to my laziness >o<

It was 13-4-14 (Sunday) ! We went for a one day bus trip with ISA ( International Student Association) to #PhilipIsland.

Right on schedule at 11am, we all hopped on the bus and were excited for the first stop!

It took around 1+ hour to reach the first destination. No doubt, absolutely no throwing up on the bus because there were games on-going throughout the journey. 

First destination----- MARU Park 

The first stop was at an animal park where we could meet koala, kangaroo, joey, snakes , dingoes....etc but my focus was only kangaroo (and baby joey) !!

This horse.... very.... ham suppppppppp lol lol

ehhh.... why they labelled it as EMUS?? * scratching head * someone explain to me pls?? 

 aiyo aiyo too cuteeeeeeeee!! feeding them is like feeding my puppies, eat gently like my mango =)))))

I think we rarely get to see albino kangaroo right? 


too much photos of kangaroos I know......

I forced Hippo to take some hehe~~

eh they didnt even want to bother him hahaha 

ok they just ignored us .........................

We can actually take picture with koala by paying $20 ( but I cheapskate ) * slap me as you wish *

seriously looks like a toy !

Second destination--- Chocolate factory

I'm 100% chocolate queen and I dont drink coffee like Ms Lumi Chuah ~~~
Go to cafe , hot chocolate; go to Starbucks, chocolate cream chips; go the bakery shop, chocolate cake lol lol lol anyone likes chocolate like I do?? *high 5*

I did try their chocolate cake but it was quite.... terrible ....laaa..... so pointless to purchase any chocolate from them (my opinion). 

 chocolate heel ! $50+++ 

Third destination--- The Nobbies

We came here for sunset ! It was truly a blessing I could catch sunset with Hippo * dream came true*

no edit no filter!! 

love the skirt so much as it's really an easy-matching piece ! you can get from OneZero10 ( good quality !!) 

Last destination--- Penguin Parade

WOWWOWOWOWO!!!! penguin!! smallest penguin!!! *scream*

This was the first time I met penguin and lucky enough to meet the little penguin ( the smallest of all penguin species). I did did some survey and found that they are weighing around 1 kg !! so they're weighing like my baby mango , so petite size !!!

NO photography beyond that area so ... no photo sorry.....=(((((

We were seated at the viewing platform and waited for penguins.
Try to imagine 200-300 people siting there and waiting for little penguins LOLLLLL

This image is from , just want to show you that they usually be in a group like this. 

ok la I illegally took some photos with my phone .....

too much of noise and high ISO , so you rather meet them in real =) 

yes this is a real one!! I told Hippo it is totally different from my imagination .....

I thought they have smooth skin without fur ?? 

say hello !! 

Here's the end of my post.
It was such a memorable trip ! Thank you Philip Island , you're amazing !

Fashion Diary #4 & New template !

Monday, 14 April 2014
IF IF IF IFFFFFFF , I mean if , you're my loyal reader, you must be noticing I have privatised my blog for a week+ ........

It's ok if you never noticed that lollll

Not beating around the bush, Im sharing my outfits again as usual !

The weather here in Melbourne is getting colder and chilly, which drives me crazy because I can't wear sleeveless, off shoulder top, like how I supposed to dress up during Spring/Summer ==!

Comparing both Malaysia & Melbourne's weather, I prefer Msia's !!!!!!! bear with me, I love bright sun =))))))))

Wait a moment, have you noticed any changes to my blog? I designed a new template for it hehehe~~ this is the reason why you could not access my blog for the pass week =))))))) give me some comment pls !

It was few weeks back when the weather was still warm enough for me to wear dress like this .

and I plucked someone's flower to match my Spring theme shooting haha

Pairing with black boots from

Trust me, we girl should at least have one maxi skirt in our wardrobe !

#topshop crop top | #OneZero10 School Daze skirt | #stevemadden bag | #happy2u shoes

Check print is still on the trend ! It is a dress but the weather was cold so I matched it with white pants !

#Zara coat | #OneZero10 My Check dress  | #H&M platform | #Jaspal transparent bag

This can be a dress for petite girl whom is < 160cm !! From OneZero10

#topshop high neck top | #OneZero10 Checkered skirt | #happy2u boots

It was yesterday ! I went for a bus trip to Philip Island with ISA ( International Student Association) from my Uni. really had much of fun and Im gonna blog about it so yay.....

#H&M denim | #mummy's high neck black top | #OneZero10 School Daze skirt ( i really love it !!!) | #topshop stripe socks | #happy2u boots