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YADAH Oh My Sunblock SPF35,PA++私推薦!

Thursday, 20 February 2014


1. Facebook 名字: Wenwen Tan

2.  Facebook 名字: Lim Wey Yin

離家已經有2個星期,我依依不捨的心情還在>< 還真的不習慣


聽朋友說這裡有很多人得皮膚癌,我聽了怎能算? 每天出去絕不少了防嗮,搽搽搽******


用了Yadah新推出的Oh My Sunblock 一個月+, 是時候分享使用心得! 哈哈 還有好康送出哦!繼續讀********


我這敏感肌也適合(用了1個月+都沒問題呀!),不會厚重很乾爽喲. 出油狀況也有減少,尖叫****


這防嗮的價錢很公道,Rm49 (50ml) 而已喲!大家可以在馬來西亞各間SASA購到.

剛剛說到會有好康------- 我會送出2支20ml的Yadah Oh My Sunblock 給幸運的讀者朋友嘻嘻~~


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[Sponsored post] Fashion Diary #3 featuring

Thursday, 13 February 2014
Good evening peeps ! glad to annouce that i will be continue updating my blog even though i unable to attend most of the events in Msia, please say yeah ?? haha

Today im sharing my recent outfits again as Fashion Diary #3, view Fashion Dairy #2 & Fashion Diary #1

Besides clothes, shoes play important role in the whole coordination , for example if you're wearing a dress on top but a pair slippers at the bottom, do you think they matched with each other ? lol lol lol 

i found a great website, Hapyy2U, which selling affordable and good quality shoes ! fortunately i have ordered quite few pairs of shoes + some accessories from them  =)))))))))))) let me show you how i played with them hehe

loving the Funky bar code sexy lips cap , only sold at Rm29.00. They're selling plenty of Korean caps & beanies too!  Direct link to purchase caps & beanies HERE

#Zara flora T | black HW shorts from Sg Wang | #Mango knitted grey socks | #Zara sneakers 

always love photoshoot skill of babe Jess !!!! model-wanna-be sunglasses from Hapyy2U   , surprisingly the quality is good enough for this Rm20+ sunglasses , most importantly- ease to match =)
Direct link to purchase more sunglasses/ spec HERE

OneZero10 Army jacket | #Topshop high neck top | #Zara Check skirt 

Red heels from Happy2u , only sold at Rm41!!!!!!crazily CHEAP , yelling ******* available in Black color too (  Direct link to purchase more shoes HERE 

~ close up, matching with #Topshop white socks  ~

#H&M denim jacket | Check top from BKK | White mini skirt from BKK | Red wine loafers from Happy2u 

#Topshop high neck top | Knitted top from BKK | Denim skirt & loafers from Happy2u 

again matching with sunglasses from Happy2u ! believe me you will not regret shopping by , I SWEAR *****

High neck top from BKK | AA inspired jeans from OneZero10

not boring wearing this sunglasses everyday !

Leather jacket from OneZero10 | White dress from babe Jessica (love it so much! ) | black boots from Happy2u , only sold at RM40++ ( wtf you know the quality is really good and comfy  , **puppy eyes**) 

~ close up ~ 

 Happy2U updates new stock frequently so no worries of waiting new stock ! 

For those whom are my loyal friends & followers , you surely know that Im in Melbourne ! If you don't......... **THROW EGGS TO YOU** ok la jokinggggg

Houndstooh top from BKK | #Topshop high waist shorts 

#Seed Collar check shirt | Knitted beige top from BKK | #Topshop boyfriend jeans | #Mango black heels | #Jaspal transparent bag

Leather jacket from OneZero10 | #Snidel high neck top 

Vintage spec from Happy2u , no worries of big & naked face !!! Direct link of this spec HERE
Beige knitwear from OneZero10 | #Topshop high neck top | #MissSelfridge flora skirt 

You can enjoy FREE postage by purchasing Rm88 and above ! What chu waiting for?? shop now at

Instagram : happy2ucc 

Enjoy shopping & have a nice day !! 

[Review] Valentine’s Set Dinner at Azur, Putrajaya Shangri-La

Sunday, 9 February 2014
holla from Melbourne !!! and i will be celebrating Valentine's day here with my love, Hippo =))))))

in case you ask again, am I studying or travelling here? Im studying here .

Relating to Valentine's day celebration, we went to Azur, Shangri-La at Putrajaya two weeks ago and had our pre-valentine's dinner .

pretty romantic ambiance there and i personally think that its a MUST on this special day !

bad hair day so i rather styled up my long fringe ( somehow i feel like cutting it , maybe?)

let me show you the menu of that day , the dinner set costs Rm200 nett per person which means Rm400 for a couple.

the set includes appetizer , palate cleanser , main course , dessert and drinks (The set menu also includes soft drinks and juices, so do inform the waiter of your preference) ! 

ZOOM in the menu and you will find that we both had the different main course ( i was Juliet and he was Romeo lolllll!! )

no doubt complimentary bread being served on table.

something before appetizer 

Grilled Sea Scallop with Green Pea Mousse & Crispy Carrot ~
My comment: I love this matching appertizer as i love scallop much, the scallops were fresh enough yet i think that the foam was just for decoration ? 

yes, even Hippo was satisfied with it so he decided to share this on his social media site ( fyi, he seldom update his fb/IG, proving that this appertizer was good! )

 Soup & Pasta 
~ Clear Venison Soup with Pearl Vegetables accompanied with Angel Hair Pasta served with Duck Ragout & Truffle Sauce ~

My comment : this venison soup tasted like our ' mama's soup ' (i mean home-cook soup) and i enjoyed it ! 

 Palate Cleanser 
~ Lime Sherbet with Sweet Strawberry ~
My comment: you never believe that this small portion of cleanser did actually refresh our taste buds ! SERIOUSLY !! yummmmm 

time for main course !
this was for me as well as Juliet of the night haha
~ Pan Fried Salmon Fillet
Served with Deep Fried Oysters served with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Rocket Pesto Sauce.
My comment: fresh salmon, it would taste even better if they add more rocket pesto sauce ?  the overall was good. 

~ Grilled Beef Tenderloin ~
Served with Green Apple and Pecorino Cheese, served with Potatoes, Spinach and Baby Carrots.
Hippo's comment: the meat was slightly over-cooked as it wasn't medium rare (should ask for it ! ) yet the taste was good ! 

~ Diplomatic Heart with Tiramisu with Chestnut Mousse Filling ~
My comment: please call me dessert queen !! i could still finish it even though i was fulled hehe~

us of the day ! cant wait for our actual day celebration in Melbourne !!!

For any reservations and enquiries, please call 03-8887 8834.

Putrajaya Shangri-la
Taman Putra Perdana, Presint 1, 62000 Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Email address: