We have known that games were coming to WeChat for a long while now, but it seems they have arrived, like finally!!!!!!!! #WeChatMalaysia 

Last Thursday, a close group of bloggers were invited to the event and 3 new games were showcased with the recent released of WeChat 5.1.

Let me tell you what's new in version 5.1 

- Increase your group’s capacity to 100 members.


- Press sticker to preview animation before purchasing.

- View message drafts.

My look of that day ! lazy to put on heavy make up so thin eyeliners will do ! 

i took picture with le famous WeChat toys, too soft to handle ~

WeChat has made its next step in becoming more than just another chat application. 
The latest version not only comes with the functions i mentioned above but also launch of WeChat game ! #WeChatGames

In total there will be 5 games to be launched for now:
  • Wreckless Racer, a racing game ;
  • Gunz Dash, an endless running game; 
  • Craz3 Match, a match-3 game;
  • 2Day’s Match, where you pair up tiles to proceed; 
  • Pencil Pilot.

Wreckless Racer

Gunz Dash

Craz3 Match

also, i met few bloggers there.
~ Chency & Fishie ~

~ super hot Karen, i can cry for her body T.T ~

~ snow white Chenelle, she looked so korean that day  ~

me myself, looked so zombie that day lol lol lol 

Not forget to mention that WeChat version 5.1 also comes with a slew of other improvements:

Favourite Messages
— no more scrolling! Save your favorite text and voice messages, photos and videos to ‘Favorite Messages’ to view and share again anytime.
You can edit and add new content to saved messages in any way you want.

Register with Email Address
– You can register with your email address instead of phone number to start chatting with friends.

Gmail Contact Integration
– Link to your Google account, find out who else is using WeChat and add them to your friends list.

For those who haven't update, do get your WeChat version 5.1 and check out the latest features.

For more info, visit : www.wechat.com