Two weeks ago, babe Lumi , babe Jess and me went out for a three-girls-date. I told them i have a list of wish-list which consists of various food that i MUST swallow them into my stomach before flying off T.T

Forgotten who gave me the idea of Ippudo ramen and i have no regret stepping into that restaurant =) Ordered the original taste of ramen and it was good ! Price was around Rm26 each bowl ~

i showed this face because the Jess ahhhhh .... kept taking photos like thousand clicks chak chak chak 

why stupid camera ignored us two behind huh , roll eyes****

Taking about food , i have something cool to share with you guys ! Anyone like going around , stuck in the jam , scratching head for ideas, JUST FOR FOOD??????

I bet no one like that including myself !

I found a website called Food Panda (such a cute and memorable name right?) , which offers online food delivery service from KL to Penang, PJ to Johor Bahru !

Food will be sent to your doorstep by just few clicks !


Head to Food Panda

1. Insert your location > click   FIND FOOD NOW!

2. Pick your desired restaurant from the various of choices ! 

3. Go through the menu and add anything you want into the cart . 

4. Proceed to checkout and they will show you the amount that you need to pay .

5. Choose payment options : CASH on delivery | Paypal payment | Online payment 

Instead of turning on your pc, you may dowload their mobile apps here   

For more info, do visit :

Ops, going too far, back to our photoshoot day post !

We accompanied babe Jessica to Lowyat because she wanted to purchase a new lens for her DSLR.

Of course, we were pleasure that she invited us to be her models LOLLLLLL

enough???? more to come in my future post , shhh......
Dont jealous because i have talented babe hehehe~~~
Love them so much my soulmates !!!!!!