The previous Bali trip post was one month ago , seriously long >< if you were asked why i travel a lot last month , my answer would be : because i dont have to pay for it lolllllllll

ok la i ask you, how if your family / bf will pay for all your expenses (except shopping) for vacation ? you choose not to go ? nahhhhhh

not beating around the bush, we stayed in Villa Kayu Raja in Seminyak. I did travel to Bali before but that time i was only a 8 years old child so i couldnt really recall much .

We were quite lucky to stay at this villa by paying around Rm1500 for three nights , the usual price is US$300+ per night . How we get this deal? kept noticing deals in website lollll

It was 2 floors villa and this was the living room where the private pool existed !

freaking cold the pool water so i decided not to swim ( and i dont know how to o.O) 

didnt really notice my camera lens was foggy , the photos came out so dreamy one haha ><

le hippo aka my diving master!

now the room's turn ! my first expression was: wa quite big xia~~~~~~~

it looks smaller in picture though 

the space in toilet was big enough even they have two basins ~

every night must-do after the whole day walk.

overall, this is a nice place to stay over , everything was good and their service also best ! Recommended !