Trust me, you will never regret reading this post! 
The second day, we woke up at early morning 9am. Had breakfast at our villa , and i would say i miss it!! 

We didnt take taxi, we walked all the way to the nearest temple , as well as beach. 

just a random "house"??

We saw this cute van and eye-catching "ICE dog" ! i had no idea what was it , so bf said we should give a try . 

it was actually fried bread + ice cream + some toppings LOLLLLLL i dont think it worths that price>< (appro. Rm10)

and this! what we called 可麗餅 ( crepe )  sold at only Rm1 !!!!!!! somehow it was really thin in piece.  

continue our way to the beach !

although the weather was killing , yet i really enjoyed walking with him =)

and from all the reviews , this is one of the awesome place in Seminyak, Bali.

Bf said he wanted to visit this place, which was Potato Head (cute name right? ).
Before entering this place, the security guard will request you to wash/clean your foot by using pool water there !

WOW! i wanted to jump into the pool and chill with those handsome guys there lol lol lol

seats here are always occupied, if you're keen to sit here do write your name on the waiting list ! 

We picked a place which was not as close to the bright sun ! yet it was still hot and stuffy ( and i wished to take out my shirt ==)

this was a great place to chill and relax ! We ordered only drinks and fries !

he was eyeing on some sexy girls i think..........

favor lemonande =)

We did try some local food also. Guess not everyone is use to the taste , myself love the taufu one !

this this!! taufu with some homemade sauce . 

we did try Bakso as well  .
it was actually mini meatballs + giant meatballs + meehon + i forgot already ==!

OMG this dog looked stupidly CUTEEEEEE !!!!

randomly picked a restaurant for dinner. not worry to be starved if you were staying around Seminyak, food is always there for you! 

the faces of 'just wake up' 

seeeeeeeeee...... was tasting chocolate brownie =)))))))

~~ famous satay in Bali ~~ (served with rice)

ok that's all for day two, was a tiring day though!