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Taylor by Taylor Swift perfume review + giveaway !

Friday, 29 November 2013
1-12-13 (winner update)

Thank you for those who participated!! There are " 23shares " shown , somehow i only get to see 10+ people status (due to your privacy settings) , so i couldnt make sure whether who did share it .

So , congratulation to Hui Min . Dear Hui Min , please send me your mailing detail through email/ FB pm. thanks!

Today is all about Taylor Swift ! i assume all of you know her ok?

In addition to her thriving music career, Taylor has her own line of perfumes!

“My first two fragrances were more about fairytales.”

 “But this fragrance is more about my own style, so I wanted the name to be more personal.”

by Taylor Swift

My first impression to this bottle of perfume was: WOW so elegant design huhh!!
It smells like a mixture of fruit & flower; sweet and sophicated which draws you in. It's suitable for young girls ( like me lol lol lol *joke*) !!!

The new scent blends top notes of lychee, magnolia petals and sparkling tangerine and a base of sandalwood, apricot nectar, and a blend of woods.

Starting from 11 Nov 2013, this perfume is available at all Taylor Swift fragrance counters in AEON, KL Sogo, Metrojaya and Parkson. 

Guess what? Im giving away this bottle of perfume ( worth Rm150, 30ml ) to one of my lucky readers =)))))
Winner will be announced by this Sunday ( 1/12/13). 

* dont participate if you mind that this perfume has been unsealed . ( i used it to take photos only )

CLICK HERE to share !

Hope you enjoy reading this post !

Laura Mercier Spring Renaissance Collection Launch

Thursday, 28 November 2013
Back from Bali and slept from 7pm until now. i believe i can still fall asleep later LOLLL

well, want to share with you about the Laura Mercier event i attended with Jess last week. (thank you Lilac for the invitation ) It was a simple lauching yet we did enjoy it because we get to learn something from the make up artist, Mr. Luis Soto, from NY.

my super cute babe! oh ya she has changed a new hair color , check out her blog 

Do i need to tell you how amazing are Laura Mercier products?? Bet most of you have heard of this name right?

Let me show you some of their products that impressed me a lot !

Mini Lip Glace collection- Available in Bold Brigths, Bare Nudes.  Rm189. 

lipstick collection which transforms a girl into different style ! 

they even have Body & Bath Collection! 

The ultimate holiday accessory wrapped in a super-luxe two- level envelope. Rm375. 
I personally love this so much !!!!! 

here the Spring 2014 collection!

Currently I'm using their Foundation primer (invisible layer) and im really in love with it! one of the recommended products from them ! leave no oil but moisturing skin all day =)))))))))) Price : Rm139 ( 1.7OZ).

Mr Luis Soto was sharing us some trendy make up tips. 

for more info of Laura Mercier, please visit

Some other photos to share ~~

ok tadaaaa.... going to sleep naoooo!! good night!

They called me Blonde !

Saturday, 23 November 2013

follow me in Dayre

hello my supportive readers who still reading my blog even though i've been abandoning my blog for certain time ! *** blowing kiss ***

if you are following me in Instagram , you definitely know that i have changed my color into a darker color which close to BLACK ! this time, B for BLACK not BLONDE ~~~

so what do think??
no doubt mummy papa are very happy with my new hair color because they always think that an elegant girl shouldnt have colorful hair==

somehow i started to miss my blonde hair in the next day of having black hair ><  #mothernatureofgirls

Just another update of my recent life. Was sick like a dog last week during WeChat event (here the post) , recovered in a bit after three days but flu & cough came to attack me.

today i fall sick again. i was so nervous then purposely checked some sources from online regarding the symptom of DENGUE! and i fulfilled 50% of the symptom !

went to visit doctor and had blood test. (one of the most terrible things i always avoid of because i afraid of injection T.T )

fortunately , i didnt cry inside the doctor's room and my body has no signal of DENGUE =)))))))))

and they will be my companion during my vacation tmr =(

WeChat X Secret Recipe Sweet 16 ! BUY 1 FREE 1 promotion

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Just cant wait to share with you the event i attended last last Friday. 

ps:// sorry if you found any typo or wrong spelling words in this post , im typing on a keyboard that i not use to .

Secret Recipe has joined WeChat and also being one of the WeChat  Official Accounts in Msia! 
In conjunction with Secret Recipe's 16th anniversary, we can enjoy the BUY ONE FREE ONE promotion (slice of cake)  by just following Secret Recipe in WeChat apps. ( i assume that everyone here has WeChat account, if not, download it now !)

WHAT you have to do is follow Secret Recipe in WeChat (ID : SecretRecipeMY) OR just scan the QR code below.

I met many pretty babes there and new blogger friends as well =))))))

snow white Povy Teng !

snow white 2 Chenelle !

sexy Stephanie !

Food was provided there but i was not feeling well , eventually i can only try some cakes (chocolate one!!)

with pretty bloggers ! 

met new friend , Diana, the first from right ! 

not forget to mention that, there are also Rm16 value deals which you can choose from 6 different sets. 

Dont say i never tell you, this deal only available from 16-30 NOV 2013 ! same date apply to the BUY one FREE one deal! 

which set you prefer?? or all?? myself prefer Set A because i can get my favor chocolate drink & ice creammmmmm!! *** slurp***


Wednesday, 13 November 2013
My brain has been running marathon for the whole week due to my final exam. well well well, i admit that i always study at the eleventh hour , *** cover my eyes ***

and finally ! finally i finished my exam and now started to enjoy my long sem break til next Febuary. It feels like im upgrading myself to another level in my life because i will be finishing my Degree next year. Time flies, it has been 3.5 years being a college student.

1. Miseoul fashion show with vivi models !

Glad that i could work with my babes and cat walked for a Korean fashion show at Iseatan , KLCC. There were also ViVi models, top 20 of Muse Search 2013.

you must have no idea how pale i look without make up ! T.T dark hair color soon! 

and we transformed into super models look haha~~

this was my look for the show, pretty love it! 

with all fabulous people that day ! hope to meet y'all soon =)))))))

2. Tried a new color!
colorful hair isnt my preference , not because of i hate colorful hair , but i dont think i could carry the style like babe Lumi >< SO i rather use Photoshop to color my hair , now i know how i look in pink purple hair LOLLL WHAT do you think??

you know this is if you're following my IG! 

3. Downloaded Dayre
the first person i followed in Dayre was Fourfeetnine . A great app for everyone especially bloggers who are lazy to blog by using your pc.

You can:
update status/short post with stickers
update tons of photos + cheking in places
update your sexy videos

How to follow your favor people?

click explore !

type their name/blog name ( choose whether search by tag or blog) , hehehe type my blog name if you wish to interact with me =)

my feed ! spot timothy tiah + qiu qiu! 

So download this app and have fun !

Do follow me here !