So sad looking at my blog stat , reminding me i should update my blog now!

i had been a lil busy recently but i am free from today yay!!!!!!

Went to a pool party organized by Pink N Proper & Vanity Trove & Corona Extra at Aloft,KL with my two monsters few weeks ago. Initially my outfit was bad and looked like an auntie so i decided to purchase an extra piece to replace it.

Since it was a pool party so i purposely matched my outfit with a bikini inside instead of lingerie . and babe Jessica was being so uncooperative by just wearing her off shoulder dress ><

LET'S PICTURE DO THE TALK OK?? i guess you're more interested with those pictures hahaahah

love her shade bery bery muchieeeee 

 didnt use my camera to take any single photo because the magic camera could help =)))))thanks babe Jessica for all the photos kiss*********

i went for facial the day before it and you can see the redness of wounds , even magic camera couldnt smoothen it shit ==

there were few models modelling for Pink N Proper's bikini collection .

we were get to choose a bikini from Pink N Proper and i chosen a pokka dot one LOLLLL too addicted with pokka dot ? maybbbbbbbbb

wtf pose! i was like 'errmmmmm let me think ' both photos from babe Lumi.

my bikini is from The It Girl Online Boutique

ok hope you enjoy viewing all the photos hahahah wink ****