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Thursday, 31 October 2013
WOW cant believe it's end of October now, time passes so fast wtf !!

today is Halloween day, no doubt i didnt celebrate it but as usual i uglified myself lollll . this year i had no time to come out a better idea, i jus had my first exam paper yesterday =(

well well well this was my last year's look

friends told me i did scare them away hahahahaha what do you think???

this year, there is no one helping me to take photos,somehow i only took 2 hours to complete the whole process. clever clap clap*******

i think my idea of this year is kinda sucks la ==! like lame ~~~~~~~~~~  i sent a picture to my babes and Jessica says i frighten her , ******clamping fist*******

FYI, photoshop involved !!

acting cute kitten !


not forget to mention that this look insprired by Hello Kitty lolllll stop laughing pls i tried my best ><

[Sponsored post] Time to Muxic with Xpax 2013!!

Sunday, 27 October 2013
Nope, no i didnt spell "muxic" wrongly ! Party people pls pay your attention here !!

Time to Muxic with Xplay is back!  #timetomuxic #xplay2013

YES, the hottest clubbing series in back!
This time it’s nothing like you’ve ever seen before with a new dimension of sight and sound!

During this November,  Xplay will be hitting Penang at first, then Kuching, Kota Kinabalu & Kuala Lumpur! You shouldnt miss it as international DJs like DJ Jam, DJ Jewelz & Scott Sparks, DJ Sidney Samson & more pump up the party with awesome beats throughout the night!

Get ready for yourself to experience the crazy laser beam shows, LED dancefloors and more with HOT DJs like Hollywood based DJ Agent Smith, DJ Gianni Marino from Amsterdam and our very own DJ Xu.

image from isaactan

Time to MUXIC With XPLAY 2013 Penang
Venue : Soju Room, Penang
Date : 1st November 2013

Time to MUXIC With XPLAY 2013 Kuching
Venue : Hitz FM Birthday Invasion Borneo Convention Centre
Date : 8th November 2013

Time to MUXIC With XPLAY 2013 KK
Venue : BED, KK
Date : 16th November 2013

Time to MUXIC With XPLAY 2013 KL
Venue : The Rootz, KL
Date : 30th November 2013

The best part is-----------Passes are FREE!
All you have to do is register at and stand a chance to get 2 free passes!

Not forget to mention, limited passes are up for grabs so wait no more! Register at and be in the running to win!

Visit for more info. 

#Churpout2013 , happening day with awesome people!

Friday, 25 October 2013
OK im the laziest one among us three (me, Lumi & Jess) , cross fingers feeling proud******* 

because i was collecting some photos from Jessica and others !

We were required to be there in the early 9am. (it was too early for me OMG!!!! ) i went for movie the last night before it and reached home at 1am. I had to pack my luggage at the eleventh hour @@ 

spot the Celin* inspired blue bag?? It's still available now , market price :Rm100++, im selling at Rm40 (90% new) email me if you're interested .

a part of our pre-loved clothes here !

me of that day !

honestly, i was so so nervous ganjiong if no one came to support us , or i should say no one wanted to take picture with me >< seriously !!!!!! i didnt expect that there were actually few readers/followers of my IG came towards and asked for pictures !!! I FELT SO SHY!!!!!! 

i didnt know what to say, how to interact ( im poor in this), i am actually a talkative + straightforward person, just worried that my language hurt you and scare you off @@

however, it was great meeting new faces new friends there !! GLAD TO KNOW YOU ALL !!blowing kiss********

babe Jess!

So much of entertainment on that day, too bad i didnt get to take part due to i was staying at our stall. 
Bf told me he wanted to try the bungee jump , 

and said: " hey come to take photo for me ! it's my turn soon!! feeling excited****** "

me: " har?? why need to take picture for you? blog for u a? scratching head**** " (FYI, he seldom ask me to take photo for him one)
he : " haiyo just take some pictures for me la! "

i guess he wanted to know how he looked like when he was flying up there LOLLLLLLLL

peace pose***** he is ready!

I believe i can fly~~~~~~~~~ singing******

i believe i can touch the sky~~~~~~~ eh? sorry where's his head gone ==! failed me ****

no doubt many awesome bloggers were there ! skipping around********

le fashionista , Brian See, who sharing the same tent with us! 

le super duper famous blogger - Cheesie aka Ringo ! some fans are shouting out there i know LOLLLL

fighter's mama , aka Fourfeetnine !! you still look like a young teenager OMG !!! share us your beauty secret , puppy eyes*****

not forget this super cute Bobo Stephanie , want her face want her face !!!

lastly, thank you those who came to support #churpout2013 and us hehe!! feel great having a chance to meet you people =) hope to see more new faces next time !! Remember to tell me your name next time because i want to know all of YOU !

outfit of that day 

top from Miss Selfridge | High waist jeans from The It Girl Online | platform fron #Taiwan 

[Review] Sweet looking make up without mascara nor fake eyelashes !

Sunday, 20 October 2013

It has been long long time since my last make up tutorial , right ? OK i know shut my mouth ****

recently my eye make up is getting natural compared to last time (without heavy eyeliner/ fake eyelashes/ superb enlarging color lens) . #youshouldhavenoticedthatright?  

i discoverd an online shop, thecandyskin, which selling cosmetic that is afforable + user friendly for beginner !! 

what i got from them :

Mineral eyeshaow (ivory lace, honey gold, australian amber)+ black eyeliner gel + eyeliner brush !

honestly , their eyeliner gel is superb!!! waterproff + anti smudge !! thumbs up ******* point is, they are selling at Rm39!!!!!!!! 

mineral eyeshadow , only Rm15 each color!!!!!!  from left: honey gold, australian amber, ivory lace. 

 Steps :

fine eyeliner will do !! recommend their eyeliner brush which only sold at Rm12. 

no mascara needed, but just dotting the eyeliner at bottom (inspired by vivi model, Reina)

final look without color lens , hope it doesnt scare you off lollll and WHY MY HAIR GROWS SO FAST ==!

make up of ytd at #churpout2013 !! it was really great meeting y'all and awesome bloggers !!

visit thecandyskin for more info and not forget to try their products =) 

My birthday celebration 2013 with babes

Friday, 18 October 2013
finally, finally im officially 21. alright,  21 isnt a big thing for me nor i need to announce to the world. As long as i enjoy my life, everyday will be a great day for me , right?

anyway, i would like to say thank you to all who purposely left me comment & msg wishing me happy birthday. Thank you , sincerely . and finally i can feel my existent in my social platform LOLLLLLL seriously 

not beating around the bush, i will start sharing my day with my two gorgeous bloggers. 

i didnt participate in the planning but merely told babe Lumi that i preferred JAPANESE FOOD!! because i always wanted to enjoy Japanese cuisene with them hehe~~~~~

The Jessica Chaw said wanna meet us early because she didnt want to wait so long at Sg Wang. So we purposely went KL early to carry this babe. Somehow we didnt plan where to head after that ==

our dinner venue was just right beside Levain , no doubt we had some chinwag time there.

Lumi took this scene and i think of a great dialog !!AHHHAHAHAHHHAHA 

saw Jessica's Kate Spade paper bag? my first perception was: aiyo this one should be my gift kekekeke and questioned her: eh ? this one my birthday present a? LOLLLLLLL she said : NO! (cehhhhhhhhhh rolling my eyes)

camera that makes every girl looks dead gorgeous !!!!! 

dinner time!! We went to Cocotei for dinner. Lumi found a lot of reviews claiming that this restaurant serves nice and fresh Japanese food. OMGSHHSHSHSH im hungry now

Address: No 5, GF-B, Jalan Delima, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Contact number: 1800 88 6655

Candid shots by the pro Jessica !!!!

all also nice harrrrrrr....... dont jealous me  XD

How about their price?
Affordable, expensive than Sushi Zanmai , eg. one plate of salmon (5 pc) is around Rm32.

Considered good .

Great environment for friends, family and couple!

i will rank 7 out of 10 !

Salmon set comes with salmon miso soup, and salmon salad. Rm48.
Comment : The portion is small , taste good!!

Grilled cod , price is around Rm50++ comes with sushi (picture below)
Comment :  This taste heavenly good!! we three agree that!! again, portion is only for one person .

personally ordered this black spider maki (soft shell crab) Rm20 .
Comment : never reached my satisfaction , diff people have diff taste bud .

the cutie and vain Jessica ~~ 

the two persons whom are slim enough but always complain to me saying that they're FAT!!!!! omg do you feel like biting them too?? whack ****

guys cant resist her cuteness one!!

my doll!!!!!!! 

yes, i could remember after taking these photos of myself and was having girls' talk with my babes,  suddenly someone appeared holding a cake >< wtf i was like : omg i need to find a hole to hide myself (close face*******) no idea why LOLLLLLL 

the almost-tear-face of mine!!!!!!! ok im touched la ~~~~

nah the "someone" aka hippo aka my boyfirend =) never knew that he waited 2 hours outside the restaurant wtf i should kiss him more hehe~~~

Jessica asked me why i kept biting my lips, my answer : because ytd i looked at the mirror and posed. i found that i look great in this expression hahahahhaha (laugh****)  she : speechless........

happy girl with her birthday gift!!!

*important people of mine*

Thank you two monsters for your precious time celebrating my birthday with me , i feel that im the luckiest girl in the world having you both!! OPS no doubt i have a superb boyfriend too heheh~~~ dont want to make him perasan OK!

too much photos?? rub eyes***** 

OOTD photos in the end of my post !